Arizona's Best Solar Program Now Includes a 'Smart Solar' Energy System!

How does a smart solar system work?

Our 'smart solar system' adds a smart home component to your home which starts learning your energy usage habits from day one, adjusting automatically to help you use less and save more.

And the good part?

Your NEW smart solar system costs the same as a regular solar system because...

We are including a 'smart home solar upgrade' at no cost to you for a limited time.

This New Arizona Solar Program also features:

๐ŸŒž 30% Federal tax rebate.

๐ŸŒž $1000 check from AZ Gov.

๐ŸŒž $0 down payment or out of pocket $.

We only use the finest solar panels and equipment plus:

๐ŸŒž Your solar system is professionally installed in less than 30 days.

๐ŸŒž Your smart home system is installed in 4 - 5 days so you can start saving right away even before your solar system is installed.

๐ŸŒž You can run your home from your smart phone.

โค๏ธ We have one added bonus we can't mention here but willย  be revealed when you have your free, No-Obligation Smart Home Solar Strategy call with one of our pros!

What do WattsUp Solar Customers Say?

Why you should consider a smart solar system today

Own your own power

Generate your own clean energy instead of relying on traditional power companies.

Protect yourself against rising electricity rates and energy blackouts.

USA Made & Guaranteed

Our solar panels are USA made and you'll get peace of mind with a no-hassle 25-yearย  guarantee.

Your Phone Can
Run Your Home

Make your life easier and run your home from your phone. Learn more from one of our solar strategy reps.